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Josie Goes Green - High 5

I started the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade because I noticed that that people drive a lot in my community, which contributes to global warming. After seeing this problem, I came  up with a solution: biking! Biking does no harm to the environment, and it can be really fun, especially when you do it with friends.

But global warming is a huge problem, and I can’t stop it alone! I can’t even stop it with Matt and Lizzy and my whole fourth grade class. I need your help. That’s why I started the Josie Challenge.

To enter the Josie Challenge, submit your answers to these three questions:

  • What do you notice people in your neighborhood doing that is bad for the planet?
  • Can you think of a better way to do it?
  • How would you get others to join you? If your idea wins, you’ll be featured on the website, facebook, and twitter, and get help in making your awesome idea happen!

I’ll post everyone’s answers in the comments below, so don’t forget to come back in a couple days and look for it!

If your idea wins, we’ll help you make it happen. 

Submit your answer to the three questions here.