Teaching kids about climate change: guest post from Antonia

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Hey parents,

Co-author Antonia here stepping in for a guest post on Josie’s blog! Thanks Josie 🙂

I know that teaching kids about climate change is a scary thing to try and do. Who wants to tell their kids that we are destroying the planet, natural disasters are increasing alarmingly, it will be too hot to play outside for very long in a couple decades, and the ocean is creeping up on our communities? I know that would give me nightmares.

A recent article  in Grist cites a tweet from an environmental studies professor at DePaul University that read “If our kids were environmentally literate they would curl up in a ball, sob, and never leave the tree house.” The article goes on to say that since we don’t want to depress our kids with all the facts, we should educate them about climate change by reading them books like Charlotte’s Web that celebrate nature. I agree.

But we can do even better. Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade, the first-EVER cli-fi book for kids, teaches about climate change in a fun and kid-friendly way while also expressing the urgent need to take action. Teaching kids to appreciate nature is important. Teaching them how to save it is even better.

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