Josie Meets a Jaguar: Check out Book 2!

Josie Meets a Jaguar: Check out Book 2!

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Can Josie Save the Jaguar?

When Josie meets a jaguar in the Amazon rainforest, she and her new friend Lucia discover a secret: The forest is in big trouble. Back in Brooklyn, Josie and her gang are ready for action. To save the Amazon, they create a solar company, award-winning photographs, a new dance and the funnest night ever. Will that be enough to save the forest and the jaguar? Josie is going nuts waiting to find out.

Publisher Dede Cummings says: “We’re delighted to have Josie back. She’s our feisty nine-year old crusader and the heroine of the first ever children’s ‘cli-fi,’ or climate fiction.”

The book is for ages 7-11 and is appropriate for schools, school districts, children’s social issue book clubs, and families.

The book opens with a dramatic encounter between Josie and a wild jaguar. That leads to a discovery of illegal logging near the indigenous village she is visiting. The book toggles back and forth between action in Ecuador and the kids back in Brooklyn who are working to support the villagers as they make a decision about logging.

Illustrated by veteran children’s book artist and Brooklyn, NY resident, Janet Pedersen, Josie comes alive again on the page with her furry friends and classmates—along with their dance-crazy teacher!

Book 2’s theme of protecting the natural world while acting in solidarity with indigenous peoples echoes the current campaign of the Water Protectors at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.

The co-authors Antonia Bruno and her parents are delighted that Antonia’s brother Benjy has joined the team and contributed to this book. All four have visited the Ecuadorian rainforest, a visit that helped inspire this book.

Praise for Josie Meets a Jaguar

“Josie, the irrepressible fourth-grade green crusader, returns with a rousing adventure and an international eco challenge.” —Mike Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club

“Any book with Jaguars and leeches is definitely worth reading—and this series is turning into a classic!” —Bill Mckibben, Author of Eaarth

“How wonderful it was to spend time again with Josie, her friends and family, and be inspired by her passion for protecting the environment. I wish there were more books like this that help kids think about how they can be citizens of the earth.”—Carl Anderson, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project


About the Authors:
 Josie Meets a Jaguar is co-authored by the Bruno/Handman family—Beth, Kenny, Antonia, and Benjy. The series is inspired by the enthusiasm of the students from P.S. 321, where Beth is Assistant Principal and Benjy and Antonia attended elementary school. Kenny works coordinating environmental campaigns. Benjy teaches ESL and outdoor skills for children. Antonia works for the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) as a grant writer and communications coordinator. The family is from Brooklyn, New York.  Find out more about Josie:

About the Illustrators: Janet Pedersen has illustrated many books for children. She is the author and illustrator of Houdini the Amazing Caterpillar (Clarion Books) and Millie in the Meadow (Candlewick Press). Janet lives with her family in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood a little like Josie’s. Additional graphics by Chelsea Silverman.  Click here to read about Book 1 the Josie Goes Green Series: Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade



Specs:Josie Meets a Jaguar

PUB DATE: March 20, 2017  ~   5 x 8; Paperback Original;     96 pages;     $6.95 pbk; $4.99 ebk

ISBN: 978-0-9974528-6-0 pbk; ISBN: 9780997452853 e-book

Authors available for readings and interviews—national publicity planned for launch and book tour with festival readings. Distributed by Midpoint Trade Books. Available wherever books are sold.


Green Writers Press is a Vermont-based, global publisher whose mission is to spread a message of hope and renewal:


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