Hooray for class 3-306 from P.S. 321 in Brooklyn, NY

Hooray for class 3-306 from P.S. 321 in Brooklyn, NY

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Some kids in class 3-306 at P.S. 321 have been writing about why we should protect our planet. Their teachers, Anneliese Torgerson and Lily Scott, shared their students writing with us. Here are some excerpts from their great essays.

Green Crusader Paul says:

“Sharks balance the ecosystem. If all the sharks were dead, all the fish would eat all the food and other animals would die. Also, too much octopus ink would pollute the ocean.”

Green Crusader Max says:

“Global Warming causes flooding and other bad things. I think people should use solar panels because they don’t warm up the earth.”

Green Crusader Dashiell says:

“Deforestation kills animals. Scientists have found that if one animal becomes extinct, then the whole food chain wobbles.

For more info. on sharks, see sharkangels.org
For more Information on Global Warming see: climatekids.nasa.gov
For more information on deforestation, see Rainforest Action Network at ran.org/


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