From the Wonderful Fourth Grade Activists from P.S. 118

From the Wonderful Fourth Grade Activists from P.S. 118

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By Claire b on Feb 7, 2018
The Josie books taught me about rainforest deforestation, and all the facts surprised me so much! It makes me care about jaguars way more than I did before. I want to help it as much as I can and when I see my friends help the rainforest it makes me super happy. The Josie books not only teach a lot, it makes me happy that Josie always finds her way around. She has her friends always helping her. I always admire Josie because of her confidence and her kindness to help the world when she hears a problem happening. I wish everyone could find a way to help the world and make this world a wonderful place.


My name is Charlotte C. and I am going to teach you a few facts about my topic I am learning about in school, deforestation.

Every 5 minutes 1 animal species dies off.
Deforestation is mostly caused because farmers want money and fast food restaurants need burgers.
Some cures for diseases are found in plants and animals, but if these plants and animals go away we will not find them.
Some animals that live in the rainforest are, jaguars, golden poisonous frog, postman butterfly, toucan, two-toed sloth, red howler monkey, agouti, and green anaconda.
Chocolate is hurting rainforests because chocolate comes from cocoa beans and you have to cut down the Theoromba Cacao tree to get the cocoa beans.


Special thanks to Ronni Horowitz. You are a great teacher and your class rocks!


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