About the Series

Josie Goes Green is a children’s series for ages 7-11 written by Antonia Bruno and her parents, Kenny Bruno and Beth Handman (known collectively as ABK Bruno).  The protagonist, Josie, is a fun-loving 9 year old girl that becomes a seasoned environmental organizer over the course of the series. In the first book, Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade, Josie learns about global warming and organizes all her classmates to ride their bikes to school to reduce pollution from gasoline. In Josie Meets a Jaguar, Josie learns about rainforest destruction and organizes her classmates to end logging and help a tribe in the Amazon find another way to survive. In book three, Josie will take on plastic waste.

The series was conceived both to teach kids about global warming and environmental destruction, and encourage them to take action in their community.

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